I was born and brought up in Amritsar in India and grew up in an artistic family. I was tutored by my elder brother who was a recognised painter in India and had the honour of making paintings of many famous personalities. including that of the Ex-Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indria Ghandhi.

I hold workshops and teach art classes to children and adults in various schools throughout the UK. So far I have worked with more than 900-different schools and community centres. I have held many art exhibitions around the North of England. In my workshops, I not only create art objects with the children but also display Indian costumes, artefacts and my own artwork in order to explain the daily Indian life and ritual practised there.

One of my large-scale paintings is displayed in the Golden Temple Amritsar in Punjab, India. This has been appreciated by many visitors to the Golden Template from around the globe. My biggest artwork in the UK is an oil painting for Hindu Temple on Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, which is a 13-foot tall mural.

These days, I am working with lots of recycled materials. The latest pieces of art I created are the Christmas tree out of milk bottle tops, a house made from old books, a table lamp out of egg boxes, and a few temples out of various recycling materials. For further information please click on the following link.

Work Experience

  • BBC weather picture competition: As my artwork has work has been recognised in the North East I was chosen by the BBC to be a judge for ‘The Weather Picture Competition’ in May 2004.
  • Participant in the North East Group: weekly art classes for Appleby Nursing Home
  • Sure Start and North Tyneside: I facilitated and ran a programme of the training session for child care providers.
  • Small World Big Dream Project: I was commissioned by Durham Art Council to bring Indian art to children in 12 schools.
  • Adult Art teacher: I was commissioned by Newcastle City Council to teach weekly art classes in centres around Newcastle.
  • Organised Art Exhibitions for: Lampside Arts Centre Newcastle, St James Park, Civic Centre Newcastle, Cruddas Park and North Shields library.
  • Age UK: Weekly art and design classes in the North East with Age UK.

Art Workshops

I offer a range of workshops in different media :

  • Traditional Indian Masks
  • Rangoli Art
  • Indian Greeting Cards
  • Henna designs
  • Indan Hand Fans
  • Traditional Wall Hangings
  • Indian Wall Paper
  • Traditional Block Printing
  • Pot painting
  • Indian Miniature Art
  • Traditional art from Tissue Paper
  • Indian Festival Art Workshops
  • Silk Painting
  • Fabric Painting
  • Glass Painting
  • Collage Work
  • Modelling Clay

Past Workshops

Feb to May 2004 Roshini Community Centre Newcastle
21/11/2004 Civic Centre Newcastle
07/03/2005 Sure Start Shiremoor
09/03/2005 Sure Start North Shields
14/07/2005 Cruddas Park Shopping Centre, Westmoreland Road
23/07/2005 The Lamplight Art Centre Durham
25/05/2005 Woodhouse Close Infant and Nursery School Durham
10/09/2005 St. Paul Church Whitley Bay 20 weeks classes
20/09/2005 Appleby Nursing Home 20 weeks classes
23/09/2005 Consett Infant School Teesdale Street Durham
26/09/2005 St Anne’s Rcva Primary School Hilton Road Sunderland
27/09/2005 St Anne’s Rcva Primary School Hilton Road Sunderland
30/09/2005 Mill Hill Primary School Sunderland 5536036
10/10/2005 Fatfield Primary School Southcroft Washington
13/10/2005 Framwelgate Moor Primary School Durham
18/10/2005 Wingate Infant School Church Street Durham
19/10/2005 Wingate Infant School Church Street Durham
21/10/2005 Bloemfontein Primary School Durham
30/09/2005 Mill Hill Primary School Sunderland
13/02/2006 Wrekenton Community Centre Gateshead
24/03/2006 Diamond Hall Infant School Sunderland
27/03/2006 Collingwood School Morpeth
29/03/2006 Collingwood School Morpeth
30/03/2006 Castleside Primary School Durham
08/05/2006 St. Michael Church Sunderland
13/05/2006 St. Joesph Church
15/05/2006 Washington Asylum Seeker Project
23/05/2006 Holly Rosary Church
03/06/2006 Blaydon Youth Club
24/05/2006 Briardale Community and training centre
26/06/2006 Pennywell Youth Project
11/07/2006 Fatfield PrimarySschool Southcroft Washington
31/03/2006 Collingwood School Morpeth
03/11/2006 Southridge First School Whitley Bay
05/12/2006 King School Tynemouth
07/12/2006 Hylton Red House School Sunderland
22/01/2007 Kiran Minority Ethnic Heaton Education Centre
29/01/2007 Kiran Minority Ethnic Heaton Education Centre
05/02/2007 Kiran Minority Ethnic Heaton Education Centre
20/02/2007 Belford Court Community Centre Blyth 10 weeks classes
25/04/2007 Escomb Primary School Bishop Auckland
08/05/2007 St Adam Primary School Gateshead
24/05/2007 St Adam Primary School Gateshead
15/06/2007 Kells Lane Primary School Gateshead
02/07/2007 My Exhibition at North Shields library
03/07/2007 Southridge First School Whitley Bay
06/06/2007 Marine Park School South Shields
01/10/2007 Ashington Community Centre
21/10/2007 Gateshead Civic Centre
01/11/2007 Woodhouse Close Bishop Auckland
02/112007 Spennymore School Durham
14/11/2007 Sir James Knott Nursery Tynemouth
15/11/2007 Sir James Knott Nursery Tynemouth
17/11/2007 Sir James Knott Nursery Tynemouth
20/11/2007 King School Tynemouth
21/112007 King School Tynemouth
24/11/2007 King School Tynemouth
28/11/2007 Southridge First School Whitley Bay
05/12/2007 Denbigh Community School Howdon
12/12/2007 Denbigh Community School Howdon
19/12/2007 Denbigh Community School Howdon
09/06/2008 Gateshead carer association
21/11/2008 Newyork primary school n shields
15/01/2008 Denbigh Community School Howdon
22/01/2008 Denbigh Community School Howdon
29/01/2008 Denbigh Community School Howdon
20/02/2008 Westgate Centre for Sport
28/02/2008 Heaton community centre
25/02/2008 Cedar school Gateshead
07/03/2008 Cedar school Gateshead
20/03/2008 Cedar school Gateshead
06/03/2008 Bensham Grove Community Centre Gateshead
08/03/2008 Newcastle University
26/02/2008 Denbigh community school Howdon
04/03/2008 Denbigh community school Howdon
11/03/2008 Denbigh community school Howdon
23/04/2008 Kelvin Grove Public School Gateshead
12/10/2008 Baltic Square Gateshead
04/11/2008 Fawdon Primary School
04/11/2008 Discovery Museum
28/11/2008 Priory Primary School Tynemouth
09/06/2008 Carer Association Gateshead
23/06/2008 Newbrancepeth School Durham
24/06/2008 Newbrancepeth School Durham
21/01/2009 PCS Newcastle
28/01/2009 Bede Children Centre Gateshead
16/02/2009 Chowden Children Centre Gateshead
18/02/2009 Dhekham Children Centre Gateshead
20/02/2009 Bensham School Gateshead
25/02/2009 PCS Newcastle
29/01/2009 Billingham forum
02/03/2009 PCS Newcastle
07/03/2009 Quayside Sunderland
18/03/2009 PCS Newcastle
27/03/2009 Newcastle University
15/04/2009 PCS Newcastle
11/05/2009 Bearpark Artist Durham
18/05/2009 Bearpark Artist Durham
01/06/2009 Bearpark Artist Durham
03/06/2009 PCS Newcastle
08/06/2009 Carer Association Gateshead
12/06/2009 Craftway First School Blyth
15/06/2009 Foster Hall Primary School
17/06/2009 PCS Newcastle
06/09/2009 Benton Primary School
18/06/2009 St Bede First School Bedlington
01/07/2009 PCS Newcastle
25/07/2009 Worsecester Green Day Centre Gateshead
08/08/2009 Thomas Gaughan Community Centre Wallsend
19/08/2009 PCS Newcastle
26/09/2009 Grainger Market Newcastle
16/10/2009 St. Helen School Bishop Auckland
12/09/2009 Gosforth Community Centre
19/09/2009 Gosforth Community Centre
03/11/2009 Croftway First School
11/11/2009 PCS Newcastle
14/10/2009 Cidar Green Day Centre
16/10/2009 St Helen Primary School Bishop Auckland
16/11/2009 South Stanley Iinfant School Durham
18/11/2009 South StanleyIinfant School Durham
02/11/2009 Shiremoor Hindu Trust
09/12/2009 PCS Newcastle
18/02/2010 Conifer Winlaton
22/02/2010 Southridge First school Whitley Bay
01/03/2010 Teams Community
05/03/2010 Cedar Grove Wallsend
16/03/2010 Cedar Grove Wallsend
18/03/2010 Conifer Primary School
23/03/2010 Cedar Grove
30/03/2010 Wyndham Primary School Newcastle
29/03/2010 Teams
06/04/2010 Cedar Grove
07/04/2010 PCS Newcastle
23/04/2010 Lamplight Durham
04/05/2010 Crook Primary School Durham
05/05/2010 Crook Primary School Durham
10/05/2010 Cedar Grove Wallsend
17/05/2010 Cedar Grove Wallsend
24/05/2010 Teams Community Centre
25/05/2010 Hotspur Primary School
26/05/2010 Hostpur Primary School
26/05/2010 Education Centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital
27/05/2010 Hostpur Primary School
28/05/2010 Hostpur Primary School
03/06/2010 Cullercoats Community Centre
09/06/2010 Wylam First School
10/06/2010 Conifer Community Centre
10/06/2010 Cullercoats Community Centre
11/06/2010 Shiremoor School
14/06/2010 Gateshead Care Centre
16/06/2010 Wylam First School
21/06/2010 Cedar Grove Community Centre
23/10/2010 Wylam First School
24/06/2010 Burnside School Bishop Auckland
25/06/2010 Burnside Primary School, Mendip Terrace, South Stanley,
28/06/2010 Cedar Grove Wallsend
29/06/2010 Bloemfontein Primary School, The Middles, Craghead, Stanley
30/06/2010 Wylam First School
05/07/2010 St. Joseph’s RCP School Sunderland
06/07/2010 Cockton Infant School Bishop Auckland
09/07/2010 Bloemfontein Primary School Stanley
26/07/2010 Marine Park Children Centre South Shields 26th
16/08/2010 Carville House Wallsend
16/08/2010 Rowan Croft Killingworth
26/08/2010 Trinity Close North Shields
19/08/2010 Jubliee Court Annitsford
20/08/2010 Chapelville Seaton Burn
20/08/2010 Linskill Park North Shields
21/08/2010 Brougham Primary School Hartlepool
15/09/2010 St Silas Church Byker
01/10/2010 Walkergate Primary School
08/11/2010 Lambton Primary Caradoc Close, Lambton Washington,
29/09/2010 The Work Place in Heighington
18/09/2010 Lamplight Arts Centre, Front Street, Stanley
20/10/2010 Greenfield School in Hindu Temple Newcastle
17/11/2010 Saint. Aidan School Gateshead
18/11/2010 Saint Aidan School Gateshead
08/02/2011 Farne Primary School
10/02/2011 Pontland Middle School
28/02/2011 Walbottle Hill Primary School
05/03/2011 St. Robert Of Newminister Catholic School Washington
30/03/2011 Sama festival
08/04/2011 Brandling Primary, Mulberry Street Felling, Gateshead, NE10 OJB
11/04/2011 St Wilfrid’s RC Primary, Old Fold Rd, Gateshead, Tyne And Wear NE10 0DJ
26/05/2011 Horton Grange primary school
29/05/2011 Mini Mela Newcastle
24/06/2011 Moorside Community Primary School
25/06/2011 Gateshead Central Library, Caedmon Hall, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead
07/04/2011 Ravensworth Terrace BirtleyLane, Birtley, Durham
09/07/2011 Bravery art centre Kendal
04/07/2011 St. John primary school
08/07/2011 St. John Primary school
27/07/2011 Horton Grange Primary school
16/09/2011 The Pioneering Care Centre Carers Way Newton Aycliffe
04/09/2011 The Pioneering Care Centre Carers Way Newton Aycliffe
11/09/2011 The Pioneering Care Centre Carers Way Newton Aycliffe
18/09/2011 The Pioneering Care Centre Carers Way Newton Aycliffe
25/09/2011 The Pioneering Care Centre Carers Way Newton Aycliffe
25/09/2012 St. Wilfrids Primary School
07/11/2012 Cocton-Hill Infant Mclntyre Bishop Auckland, County Durham
21/11/2012 South StanleyIinfant School Durham
23/11/2012 South StanleyIinfant School Durham
02/10/2012 Woodhouse Community Primary
03/10/2012 St Joseph’s R C V A Primary School
05/10/2012 Bishop Baringhton School
07/10/2012 Helen Auckland Community Primary School
18/10/2012 St. Andrews Primary School
19/10/2012 Oakley Cross Primary School
24/10/2012 Copeland Road Primary School
07/03/2013 Durham County Council,county hall hall Durham
25/06/2013 St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School Newton Aycliffe
26/06/2013 St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School Newton Aycliffe
11/07/2013 Humphrey Close, Newton Aycliffe